Original Prybaby

Original PrybabyŽ
PrybabyŽ Pocket Prytools are made of premium CPM 154 stainless cutlery steel. Original Prybabies measure 3 inches in length by 1 inch wide and are an extra hefty 3/16" thick. These weigh in at nearly 2 ounces each which gives the tool a stout and enduring feel. They feature a prying end with nail/staple puller, a bottle cap lifter and a screwdriver tip on the butt end. They have a bead blast finish.

This is the workhorse of the PrybabyŽ lineup. It is the best choice for someone who plans on using and abusing their tool on a daily basis. Surprisingly versatile, they can be used for many of the daily tasks that you would not want to subject your fine pocket knife to such as prying, scraping, twisting and the like.

Discontinued and replaced with updated G2 Prybaby.
Price: $45
Shipping: $5 for first item
and$1 for each additional item