Prybaby Keychain Edition

These are just too cool! Formerly known as the "Mini".
The Keychain Edition PrybabyŽ is the ultimate keychain tool! The new model is 1/8" thick CPM S30v stain resistant cutlery steel and is 10% smaller than the Original PrybabyŽ. They measure 2 7/8" long. Just the right size for the keys without being in the way but still big enough to take on most any task that the full size one can do.

A new batch of these in the works, coming early September 2009. Two variations will be offered, one plain and one with a 1/4" hex opening in the body. An XL version is also in the works.
Sold Out, Thanks!
Price: $45
Shipping: $5 for first item
and$1 for each additional item