Sign Up Sale Rules

The Atwood Flash Sale/Sign Up Sale is very basic but I thought I ought to spell out a few rules so there is no confusion or ambiguity.

I periodically post special items on my blog, Planet Pocket Tool. These may be one of a kind pieces or short run pieces. (This is NOT for my usual general release sales which are first come first serve free-for-all events.) Here's how it works: I will post a picture of the item or items in question and then allow people to sign up via a link on the page. From this sign up list I will randomly choose selected participants who will be offered a chance to purchase said item.

To be fair to others, please do not sign up unless you plan to actually buy the item if chosen.

1. Entrants must provide a screen name and will be assigned a number, both of which will be viewable by the general public. A link to the number and screen name list will also be provided right below the sign up link.

2. Entrants must also provide their real name and email, also their real mailing address. None of this information will be made public or shared with any third party. The mailing address must match the mailing address that will be used for shipping or I reserve the right to discard the number and refund any purchases that were made. The intention here is to not allow duplicate entries or deceptive entries so everything must match up through the process.

3. The Sign Up Sale will run for however long I wish, but will usually be live for at least a few hours. I will provide the official Eastern Standard Time when the Sign Up will close and stop accepting new entrants at that time.

4. At the designated Sign Up Sale closing time I will remove the Sign Up link. Then I will examine the list of entrants and remove any entry that appears to be a duplication.

5. Numbers will be chosen by a reputable random number generating service. seems to be one of the best and that's the one I use.

6. I'll post the selected Sign Up Sale participants on the blog as soon as I have emailed them. The selected participants will have 24 hours to respond and arrange for payment. I'll make it easy and create a private webpage on my site where they may purchase the item via a buy now button using either their paypal account or a credit card. If I do not hear back from a selected participant within 24 hours then it is understood that they have forfeited their turn and I will then go back to and pick another number.

7. One entry per email address and one entry per mailing address. NO EXCEPTIONS. I will discard any repeat entries.

8. If there are multiple but slightly different tools (they are patterned with different patterns or cord colors for instance) the first to respond to my email will get first pick. This way if someone is slow to respond or fails to respond then they don't clog up the works for the more interested parties.

9. For Flash Sales the process is similar but simplified. The sign up entry time is limited to usually not more than 30 minutes or an hour. I don't bother with the public display list and I simply send out the emails to the winners at the end. The winners then have a designated amount of response time, usually a couple of hours, to get back to me after which if I have not heard back I will then pick new winners for any remaining items.

That's about it. Thanks for checking out my stuff and I look forward to lots of neat releases of tools in the future. :)