How My Sales Work

New folks email me every week unable to figure out how to buy my tools. How it works is very simple. I make batches of tools and post them for sale on my blog in one of three ways:

1. If the batch is large I post a link from Planet Pocket Tool to a sale page on The page is invisible to casual visitors to the website and can only be accessed through the blog posting. When the sale is over I remove the link.

2. If the sale is for One of a Kind or limited edition type items where there are only a few available (such as knives) I post a Sign Up Sale on the blog. When the Sign Up Sale is over I remove the sign up link and pick the Sign Up Sale winners.

3. I sell items directly to customers via email now and again. If I have something in stock I'm happy to sell it to you anytime, just email me.

I have two dealers who carry my items from time to time. Moore Cutleryand Bladeart periodically have some items in stock.

That's about it for the moment. Thanks for the interest in my tools!