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Welcome to Atwood Knife and Tool, home of knife and tool maker Peter Atwood!

I've always had a love for this stuff. Folding knives, whistles, pocket tools, tiny keychain knives, survival tools, you name it. Anything that can fit in my pocket or on my key ring that serves a purpose or keeps me prepared is welcome in my book. I really like handmade tools and of course if they are well made it's even better.

I had been in the building trades for many years but had always dabbled in creative pursuits on the side. I started out by apprenticing with the well known artist-blacksmith Fred Fisher. This was in the 1980's near where I grew up, in the Shenandoah Valley of VA, and we were building ornamental ironwork. I learned forging, welding, traditional joinery techniques and general metal working skills under Fred's expert instruction. The main project that I worked on can still be seen today at Holy Cross Catholic Church in Lynchburg VA and is a fine example of contemporary blacksmithing.

From there I began to work on my own making metal jewelry and sculptures out of titanium, copper and gold. Next I got into homebrewing for a few years and built a lot of equipment for it, even invented a few things.

Then in 2000 I discovered the world of custom knives and I was instantly hooked. When I realized that I could actually make my own knives and gadgets, it got even better. And so it continues to this day. This is what I truly love to do and I hope I can do it for the rest of my time on this earth.

I specialize in small pocket tools and key ring knives although I have made many folding knives and even a few larger fixed blades over the years. But my main love is for the small stuff. I'm constantly working on new designs for gadgets, prybars, small edged tools and unique hand tools. My philosophy is if you aren't carrying it then it isn't going to be there when you need it. Hence the obsession with small tools that pack a big punch. Let's face it, they are the ones that are more likely to be in your pocket or on your keys rather than languishing behind the seat in the truck or stuck in your toolbox in the garage.

I've always been attracted to small precious things. To me a good tool is one that you want to fondle and play with, as well as use. My hope is that others will find my creations as useful and as interesting as I do myself. I want to make objects that will endure, and nothing would make me happier than for my tools and knives to be traded for hundreds of years to come!

Somewhere along the way I got the idea that a person's personal effects, the ones that they carry every day, kind of show you something about themselves. Maybe it means nothing, maybe it means something, it just depends on the individual. But tools are important, and the folks who need them, love them, and use them tend to be my kind of people!

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